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More About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog, where I write about everything in my life (mostly my beauty addiction!).

I have had another beauty blog since 2013 with loads of swatches, reviews. However it’s all in Vietnamese – my first language. (Check it out here if you’d want to!) I have dreamed about an English blog for sooo long, however I never had balls to launch one, because who isn’t scared of all the grammar and spelling nightmares!! But today, Jan 31st 2016, I just say Screw it! It’s my 3rd language so who cares if it wouldn’t be perfect?! The most important thing is ya’ll understand my ideas, if not, that’s what the comment section for, right? 😀 And I will be super duper grateful if you would correct all my English mistakes, please feel free to do so! <3

Thank you and have a good day! xoxo